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     Originally from Belgium, I have been living in the Bay Area for over twenty years.  My love of Psychology grew out of a respect for the complexity and depth of human relationships, as well as, a desire for personal healing.  My cross cultural background offers a unique approach.

     The relationship between therapist and client has been shown to be one of the most important elements of successful outcome in therapy.  I have a warm, active and authentic style. I am not the stereo typical therapist who sits back and nods. I'm engaged and curious about you and your process, and I'm constantly learning about new approaches to healing and therapy.      My ultimate goal is to inspire, guide and empower you to live more JOYFUL, FREE and FULFILLED lives.


I love what I do


     I love helping individuals, and couples  move through crisis and create deeply fullfilling lives with nourishing relationships.  From my own experience, I know how working through pain and suffering can ultimately lead to greater compassion, joy and a deeper connection with others.  I feel honored of being entrusted with the details of people's intimate lives, and I am fortunate to be able to help others through this difficult journey.  I strive to continually improve my skills as a clinician and I am dedicated to using my compassion, wisdom, intuition and laughter to help my clients.


In previous phases of my life


     I have been a social worker in Belgium, courageous traveler, a super nanny, household manager, executive assistant for the rich and famous, activity coordinator for the elderly to name a few.




California Institute of Integral Studies, 2009. Masters of Arts in Integral Counselling Psychology.


Alive & Well, 2000.  Certified Massage Therapist specializing in prenatal massage.


KVMW University, Belgium 1993.  Maatschappelijke Assistent (Social Work Degree)






2015                               The Lotus Collaborative, facilitator of a Monte Nido Dine Support group for people in recovery from Eating Disorders.


2008-2014                      New Perspectives Center for Counselling, Marriage and Family Therapist Internship with a focus on Dialetical Behavior                                                Therapy(DBT), Hakomi, Somatic Psychotherapy, EMDR, Gestalt, The Gottman Couples Method and Dr. Sue Johnson

                                              Emotional Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) & Sand Play Therapy, San Francisco, CA.



2012                                Support for Families, Facilitator for preemie parent support group. San Francisco, CA.



2009-2010                       California Institute of Integral Studies, Teaching Assistant for the following graduate courses: Couples

                                              Counselling(focusing on Gottman Method, Dr. Sue Johnson Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, Dan While Collaborative

                                              Couples Therapy, Celeste & Danielle Sex and Intimacy), Therapuetic Communication, The Clinical Relationship. San Francisco,




2003                                Dhamma Dena Vipassana Buddhist center with Ruth Denison, Facilitator of mindful eating program and retreat. Joshua

                                             Tree, CA



1998-2003                      Sterling Institute, ongoing weekly meetings and managing women's group in empowering women to have succesful

                                             relationships in their lives.



1998-2003                       Spirit Rock Family Program, Volunteer Counselor and kitchen aid. Woodacre, CA.



1998-2003                       Dhamma Dena Vipassana Buddhist center with Ruth Denison, Silent Meditation retreats.





2017-Present                 NICABM's Next Level Practitioner Program

2017                               Rick Hanson The Foundations of Well Being "Growing the good in your brain and your life"  (Year Long Training/Online)

2015-Present                 The Great Parenting Show with Jacqueline Greene (Video & Audio of Parenting Education)

2015                               Esther Perell, on line workshops; Love, Sex and Power and Reclaiming Curiosity, Connection and Passion


2015                                   PACT Institute  (A Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy)  "Level 1 training for professionals", Berkeley, CA



2015                               AEDP (Accelerated Experiental Dynamic Psychotherapy), "Immersion course" SF, CA



2015                                   Transforming Trauma with EMDR with Laurell Parnell, Ph.D., level 3, weeklong training at Esalen, Big Sur, Ca



2015                                   Spirit Rock, David Richo, "When love meets fear: Becoming defense-less and resourse-full", 1 Day Workshop, Woodacre, CA



2015                                   The Lotus Collaborative, Linda Shanti McCabe Ph.D., "Soul Collage" expressive arts workshop, San Francisco, CA



2014                               The Couples Institute, "Developmental Model in working with couples", Level 1, year long training, Menlo Park, CA



2014                               Amen Clinic,  "The Amen Method Professional Training for Brain Imaging, Therapy and Treatments", Brisbane, CA



2013                               PACT, "Stanley Tatkin & Tracey Tatkin: Wired for Love, An Insider's Guide to your Relationship", weekend workshop, Esalen  

                                            Institute, Big Sur, CA



2013                               Awakening Joy/James Baraz, 6 month experiential course to develop our natural capacity for well being, Berkeley, CA.



2013                               Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference, Milton H Erickson Foundation, week long mini workshops with the legends of

                                            psychotherapy, including Dan Siegel, Salvador Minuchin, Donald Meichenbaum, David Burns, Marsha Linehan, David Beck,

                                            Harville Hendrix, Daniel Amen, Sue Johnson etc. Anaheim, CA.


2013                               Ongoing Consultation Group with Victor Yalom, Mill Valley, CA



2012                               Transforming Trauma with EMDR with Laurel Parnell Ph.D., Level 1 & Level 2, Alliant University, San Francisco, CA



2010                               The Hakomi Method: Comprehensive Skills Training.  Hakomi Institute of San Francisco, CA.



2010                                  Mindfullness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), 8 week program, UCSF, San Francisco, CA.



2010                                  Rob Fischer MFT & Dr. Sue Johnson Ph.D., Hakomi Mindfullness Based Experiential Psychotherapy, daylong workshop,

                                           San Anselmo, CA.



2010-2014                     Ongoing supervision with Katie Cofer, LMFT.



2010-Present                 Ongoing EMDR consultation with Katie Cofer, LMFT.



2009-2013                      Ongoing Consultation Group in Hakomi Technique with Scott Eaton, Emeryville, CA.



2004-2009                      Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, Non Violent Communication (NVC) trainings, San Francisco/Bay Area, CA.



2002-2004                      Landmark Forum, Landmark's four basic programs provide a direct access and real power in shifting the nature of what is

                                          possible in people's lives, families, workplaces, and their communities. While each program is complete in itself, these

                                          programs are designed so that each one builds on and enriches the others:


                                         The Landmark Forum in Action


                                         The Advanced Course


                                         The Self Expression and Leadership Program



1994-2003                    Spirit Rock with Jack Kornfield Ph.D. and others, ongoing weekly meditation class.  Woodacre, CA.





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